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Problems with Cocoboot

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:14 pm
by gumby
I was hoping someone here could help me with a problem.

I am trying to run linux(any flavor) on a Verizon CDMA Treo 650.

I have booted into command line, OPIE, GPE and OpenMoko using a number of different zimages and versions of Cocoboot.

Regardless of the method/version I use I always get the same issue. Whenever I am at a terminal or application that takes a text input the system continuously outputs carriage return. I have tried using the touchscreen keyboard and even physically unplugging the keyboard.

This problem does not occur when the phone is running PALM.

Has anyone encountered this problem or have any idea how I could fix it?


Re: Problems with Cocoboot

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:37 pm
by Shadowmite
Ya know, I have seen that problem before, but only when rebooting various linux machines where the carriage return goes crazy until it reboots. Perhaps it's something in the kernel image you are using? Can you try another kernel build and/or recompile it? I'm not sure where you got your image from and I unfortunately no longer have a treo device to test with.