Linux on the IxI Ogo handheld

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Linux on the IxI Ogo handheld

Post by kaos » Fri Dec 16, 2005 9:26 pm

Hey guys.

I am working on porting linux in some flavor to the IXI ogo handheld. The ogo is powered by an omap 1611 cpu at 200mhz with onboard dsp with a built in 2mb frame buffer and 2d graphics accelerator. 64mb or ram and 128mb of samsung nand flash rom. Bluetooth gsm/gprs modem and usb host function built right into the omap on it. Full keyboard and 4k color screen. Its a very Nice device but I need help. I have done a mountain of research tracking infor down on the ogos architecture. The Omap uses a arm9 core. Check this site for pics of the mainboard. This device also uses the same cpu and mearly Identical layout as the Motorola mpx220. Take a look and tell me what you think. Take a look here for pics or the ogo mainboard and give me some feedback on what you think. Oh yeah the guy who took these misslabeled some stuff so disregard that.

Thanks a million
Nelson K.

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