Verizon + Lifedrive for DUN

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Verizon + Lifedrive for DUN

Post by jtruppert » Thu Apr 20, 2006 3:04 pm

I've been searching for days trying to determine if I can in fact use a bluetooth cel phone with Verizon service (US) as a simple modem with my Lifedrive. Lots of conflicting information! All I want to do is occasionally dial into my ISP on those rare occasions when I have no WIFI access. I'm locked into Verizon, which I understand does not play well with Palm.

I'm hoping to get advice as to WHICH bluetooth phones have actually worked for other Lifedrive users, and if I need to install the Verizon bluetooth manager hack listed elsewhere on this site.

I do NOT wish to purchase Verizon's expensive data service...all I want is for the phone to dial a local AOL phone number and allow me to check my e-mail. That's it. Please tell me this is indeed possible! Thanks.

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