Kyocera 7135 Color PDA Palm Smart Phone

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Kyocera 7135 Color PDA Palm Smart Phone

Post by kempstr » Sun Jan 09, 2005 4:11 am

Hello All.
someone is trying to sell me a "Kyocera 7135 Color PDA Palm Smart Phone" in almost new condition for $200.00. do you think it is worth it. (of course the obvios answer would be just to save up and get the "treo 650" ) but besides the obvios dose
anyone have much experience with the 7135. appriciate the info.
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Post by spymongoose » Sun Jan 09, 2005 2:52 pm

I am the seller of this phone, and I'd like to clairify a few things about the 7135 both in general and specifically this particular phone. I am a friend of kempstr and am not trying to screw him. I believe he is looking for a "net" opinion (forgive the pun) about the 7135 from an experienced smartphone forum. I encourage all opinions from the forum, good and bad, in response to kempstr's question.

The Kyocera 7135 smartphone is a great entry level palm phone, and has very few drawbacks... one of which is that it is ouclassed by the Treo 600 and 650. The biggest difference is the OS. The 7135 runs palm OS 4.1 with a 33 MHz processor. The Treo 600 uses palm OS 5.21 h, written for the more powerful ARM processors, running at 144 MHz. The difference is noticeable, but does not cripple the 7135. More accuritely it puts the 7135 in a different class. The 7135 and 600 have the same screen resolution and color quality. The 16mb memory is plenty for the 7135. The clamshell case, lack of a camera, and the graffiti pad are some of the other hardware differences. The 7135 has the DUN enabled, a feature hacked on the 650 and not currently availiable for the 600. Other harware issues is the relatively short battery life, something both treos also suffer from.

The phone itself is new, a factory replacement from when I dropped my poor, trusty 7135... in the 2 days it took to get a new 7135 I went out and got a Treo 600. The only use it has seen is that I powered it on to verify function, and the little time kempstr has played with it.

A great phone, outclassed by even greater phones. Perhaps even our mighty treos will suffer the same fate soon...
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Post by KyleWill » Sun Jan 09, 2005 10:12 pm

Doesn't sound like a ripoff, my dad had a 7135 before he got his 650... i guess it depends on what you'd use it for, having the keyboard is extremely nice, my dad also didnt like having the flip phone with a pda because it makes the unit huge. It was however, reliable and did what it was advertised, and you'd probably have alot let problems than with a 650 because its not in *beta* anymore...
like spymongoose says, it makes a great entry level pda/phone

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