help finding 7100t blackberry hacks

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help finding 7100t blackberry hacks

Post by sheckles » Tue Apr 12, 2005 4:37 pm

Hi, I read your article in popsci magazine. i want to do the same thing for my 7100t phone. it's a blackberry Tmobile product. I can either get there with DUN enabling or through syncing inbox/outbox between phone and laptop. I can sync most other outlook entries (like calendar, tasks, contacts, etc.) but I can't sync specfiic mail folders.

Interested in finding someone or an online forum who has started this or done this.

Two implementation ideas: one is to do what you did for the TREO 650, the other is to extend the syncing feature to specific memory locations in my phone (inbox from and to a specific folder in my outlook (not inbox to keep it more manageable.)

Thanks for any assistance or guidance. I realize this is a palm focused forum but I thought you might be able to offer guidance on a better place to look.

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Post by spymongoose » Wed Sep 07, 2005 2:00 am

Well the best upgrade for your phone is a new phone. Just about anything is an improvement to that overglorified pager. Seriously the only thing you have going is the push email system... whitch you have to pay for. One hint: a smartphone will have a touchscreen and use something other than the symbian OS. Symbian OS is the mark of a normal "advanced capability" cell phone. All cell phones ether now have or will have the exact capabilities as your blackberry 7100t "smartphone".
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