SecurIt 1.1: Sim/IMSI checking opensource security for us al

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SecurIt 1.1: Sim/IMSI checking opensource security for us al

Post by Shadowmite » Thu Aug 16, 2007 10:47 am

I'm been working on this for a little bit now since I found all the existing apps don't work well in WM6 or don't work well in a custom rom. This is a open source program (as all of mine are) and I welcome help/donations/and comments. Bug reports will be helpful in this first release as I certainly consider this a alpha release at the moment.

What it does:
once setup at every boot it compares your IMSI number with the one stored, if it's a match it plays a little sound and that's it. If it's not a match, it locks the device and displays your email and a request to please get it back to you. It also send you the "new sim's" imsi and phone number via a SMS.

SecurIt 1.1 (BETA) by Shadowmite
TODO: Build in SMS rule filtering thus adding remote control
Lock out activesync connections?
Protect the datafile from being deleted, or keep a backup in registry.

Version 1 (BETA) Instructions:

This security applicatioon can run loaded normally via a cab file to your device, or via being cooked into a rom. It will require your phone able to run unsigned code (most roms at this site are fine in this regard). Furthermore it does require the .NET Framework so it's really for WM6 devices, WM5 will be more tricky and is left up to the user to figure out how to make it all work.

When first run the program resides in \windows and must run from there. If you ran the cab installer it will have created a shortcut for you into the Programs folder.

The application comes up with a form showing you the current device imei, imsi, and phone number. You need to enter a password (needed to disable security programmatically or change SIM info), a email you can be reached at my a "finder" of your phone, and a SMS phone number you'd like alert messages sent to. Once done click set. Finally, click Enable security.

The application then sets itself up to autorun upon boot and if the SIM matches, it plays a little sound file to let you know everything is fine. If the sim is found to have changed, it will lock down the device until a password is entered. Meanwhile it shows your contact email and has sent the alert sms to you with the new imsi and phone number.

If you enter the proper password the program will take you to the settings screen where you can reenter the password and make changes to the settings and resave them. Simply clicking enable security without making changes will keep the settings as they are.

Clicking disable security will remove the autorun entries and remove the data file the programs keeps at \windows\SecurIt.dat.

The data file keeps 5 lines, MD5 hashes of your imei, imsi, password, and also your email and sms phone number as plain text. Thus stealing this file does not enable retrieving the password or easy changing of the imsi. Deleting this file however would remove security. Furthermore activesync will still link to a locked device. Knowledgable people about these devices could therefore defeat this security, however it's goal is to keep the casual theif / finder out of the phone.

This program is a work in progress and I welcome help with modifications to it as well as bug fixes. Source can be found at:

To cook this into a rom, you need 3 files. 2 of them need to be generated when you first install it like normal and set it up. Copy the SecurIt.dat from \windows and the SecurIt.lnk from \windows\start up to your rom as well as the SecurIt.exe file. It's that simple. Enjoy!

1.1: Fixed all kinds of bugs causing security to crash with various sims
1.0: Initial release

If you like my work and would like to help insure I continue to have time for this, please consider a donation to: foglemATshadowmiteDOTcom
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Re: SecurIt 1.1: Sim/IMSI checking opensource security for us al

Post by Gram » Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:53 pm

Hi, i'm new here. I'm certainly intended to try this but just one question. How it goes bug fixing? It still continue to crash with sim's?? :? mostly cause i'll try it with the only one i have and use so i'm a bit worried to crach out my sim and smartphone since i'm poor and won't be able to buy new ones :S

thanks in advance.

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