Fixed my Verizon Treo 650 bluetooth hands-free crash w/ROM

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Fixed my Verizon Treo 650 bluetooth hands-free crash w/ROM

Post by btrvalik » Sun Oct 09, 2005 9:28 am

I read all the documents on the web about building custom ROMS but I still did not quite understand how to get to ROM built. Maybe it was just me..I think some of the problem is that the tools have progressed but some of the write-ups were a year or more old. Hopefully this will help if you are also having problems building your first ROM. This write-up is current as of 10/05.

Tools / Software I used:

TreoVZWupdater1_04, Verizon update,
Teo_650_Updater_1_12, Sprint update,
T650Tool, Treo 650 Rom Tool, version 0.8 BETA 7/22/05,
FileZ, Treo file manager

Problem I was solving:

I have a Treo 650 on Verizon and the bluetooth would crash the phone when used with my 2005 BMW X5. It would pair with the car. makes calls, but crash when the car tried to upload the phonebook (Treo 650 speed dials). Others on the web reported that the Sprint 650 with the 1_12 update worked fine. There were also reports that VZ disabled BT file transfer to force it's users to use airtime for photo upload. It seems the VZ disables the
protocol used for file transfer (OBEX I think). I did not car if my car had the phonebookloaded...I could live with that.. but crashing the phone (and causing continuous reboot) after each call was a real pain. I tried Palm, VZ and BWM tech support to no avail and much frustration. The VZ guy told me that the VZ phone was different hardware than Sprint and this would never work... not true. I can believe that a GSM phone is different but I
could not believe that Palm would build two different CDMA phones. The guys that have hacked sprint phone to work on VZ proved this wrong.

First Attempt:

I grabbed the Sprint car kit from since it said that it added compatibility with BMW. I used fileZ to move the files into the RAM but I could not replace the BTStack and the problem persisted.

On to the bold world of Custom ROM:

I had read about custom ROMs on the web but was a bit chicken. Most folks build custom ROMs to optimize the phone or convert a Sprint phone into a VZ phone (done before VZ had the 650). The warning note from Palm Tech support and a few horror stories of dead phones had me
concerned.. but I took a deep breath and pressed on...I just wanted my phone to work.

Steps I took:

0) Backed up my treo with HotSync
1) Ran the VZ palm update software, and when it asked me to hot sync, I grabbed the files from C:\Program files\Palm\"Palm user"\Install and moved it to a new directory. Note:"Palm user” should be replaced with your palm user name.
2) Ran the T3 tool (using java and T3.class) in the above directory to create
3) performed steps 1 & 2 using the Sprint updater

Now I had 1 ROM from VZ ( and 1 ROM from Sprint (

4) Opened the T650 tool, loaded the VZ, moved all files to custom ROM, and deleted all files related to bluetooth.. Bt*
5) loaded the Sprint and moved only the BT files into the custom ROM
6) Hit the Build ROM key
7) It was not obvious but I now had a custom ROM called in C:\
8 unzipped the file created in step 7..
9) I did not see any ROM or PALM sub dir as some instructions stated
10) I created two sub directories on my PC.. PALM\Launcher and a parallel ROM directory
11) Copied all .bprc to the PALM\launcher directory and all other files to ROM directory
12) Inserted a SD card into my PC reader, renamed the existing PALM dir on the card to backupPALM, copied the PALM and ROM directories from the PC to the SD card
13) Copied the CDMAFirmwareUpdaterApp_Device and RomUpdaterApp from the VZ update directory (created in 1 above) to the PALM\Launcher directory on the SD card
14) Did a Hard Reset.. Note all personal data and 3rd part apps get erased
15) Inserted the SD card
16) Tapped the CDMAFirmwareUpdater.. and let it run... Note: The instructions on the shadowmite site said to use the RomUpdater... when I tried typing the commands in
the shadowmite instructions I just got an error saying the command was not understood
17) Optional: Drink a beer and shot of Irish whiskey while you worry about the updater trashing your phone... wait longer and do another shot :wink:

Success ! the bluetooth now works and does not crash my phone

18 DON'T do this ...Did a HotSync, after it completed I tested my phone again..
and it would not pair with my car!
19) re-flashed the ROM and it worked fine.. conclusion the Hot Sync screwed
"something" up !
20) Hot synced the phone to a new account.
21) moved my applications by hand from my old palm desktop directory to the new one skipping any files that I did not know what application it belongs to.

Life is good ! BT works great and I have the coverage of the VZ network.. what a PIA! I learned far more about the treo OS than I ever should have to know. I was once a programmer so it was kind of fun.. but nerve racking. It would have been quicker if I new what I was doing but it took me a week or so on and off at night to get it working.
PM me if you want more details... but I make no guarantees

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Post by ForestCat » Mon Oct 10, 2005 8:19 pm

I really appreciate the post. I've got a new VZW, & I definitely need to make some rom changes, but have been a bit reluctant because stuff I've read here & there makes it seem as though the the VZW Treos somehow are a little more touchy about custom roms. Now I'll give it a try, since I have a VZW specific roadmap. Much obliged.
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Post by mdecaro » Mon Oct 10, 2005 8:52 pm

Does anyone have a similar experience using Cingular.

Palm states that it is a problem with GSM. Frankly, I don't believe them. Why should that affect the handshake via BT?


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Post by jasoncheeseman » Fri Oct 21, 2005 2:12 am

I'd love to do this with my unlocked GSM. Why do you think there would be a problem with this as surely the bluetooth software/firmware is talking to the bluetooth chip and it shouldn't matter if the phone is CDMA or SIM?

I'm just trying to build up some dutch courage to do this!


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