8gb SDHC Card on Treo650 - NOW POSSIBLE!!!

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8gb SDHC Card on Treo650 - NOW POSSIBLE!!!

Post by EazyE » Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:47 am

EazyE here from mytreo.net. I thought i would spread the love to fellow 650 users. I bestow upon you, the "SDHC Card Hack for the 650" (these files have no been modified from the original ROM version, just installed into a 650 ROM)

As always, this hack is successful on my sprint650, but install at your own risk (this is a brand new hack and i've encountered no problems other than the one stated, so i have limited troubleshooting abilities)

Today i have confirmed that my testing with the Treo680's slotdriver files which supports Secure Digital High Capacity(SDHC) cards is a success with only one minor flaw but with a fairly simple fix. i will start with the required items to perform such a hack.

You will need to download the treo680 card driver files from this link courtesy of Euroclie.
- http://www.kisslanding.net/parobbe/misc/sd-680.zip
I used all files: FAT32.prc, slotdriver_sdio-sdsd.prc, MMSDCard.prc, and MMSDCard_enUS.prc.

- ROM Tool from http://www.grack.com

- SmartTextEngine_Device.prc (from your original ROM file folder)

- any SDHC card from any various website (http://www.newegg.com has always been the cheapest for me.) I purchased an 8gb SDHC card (you'll need the SDHC card reader to load files on this card outside of the treo as the regular card readers will not work. otherwise the current stuff like Palm File Browser, Card Export, Card Reader, all will work fine, just really slow)

Follow these steps to equip your treo650 with SDHC capabilities:

1. Use the ROMTool to ensure you have a good back up of your ROM just incase things go sour.
2. Start by removing from ROM "MMCBulverdeIntelDrv_Device.prc" (according to shadowmite, this is the file that is the driver for the current sd card host controller)
3. Add to ROM(from the previously downloaded zip files): "FAT32.prc", "MMSDCard.prc", "MMSDCard_enUS.prc", "SlotDriver_SDIO-sdsd.prc"(this file name contains a colon, so winzip hides it, remember to "extract all" to get that file)
4. Upload ROM with new files installed.
5. Verify SD card works(legacy cards are still usable on this back compatible file system).
6. Verify new SDHC card works. (the simple fact that the SDHC card is readable in the treo means its fully capable of writing to it and working properly. if installing an 8gb SDHC card, treo will only display up to 4gb capacity but i assure you, all 8gb is useable.)
7. Press messaging button or access messagine to confirm it being operational or not operational.
7a. if yes, hack is complete, continue to use SDHC card
7b. If no, Copy from ROM folder, SmartTextEngine_Device.prc to card's root directory(so you always have a copy with you), then also load to Quick Install and hotsync file "SmartTextEngine_Device.prc" to RAM.
7c. Texting should be restored and fully functional with the text engine hotsynced.

8. Enjoy massive amounts of storage spacewith SDHC cards courtesy Euroclie(file extracting/hosting) and EazyE (installation/testing)

~ EazyE

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Re: 8gb SDHC Card on Treo650 - NOW POSSIBLE!!!

Post by uniondisco » Sun Aug 03, 2008 9:32 am

After several attempts using other 'solutions' I was getting close to solving this problem when I came upon this post.

In short this post is the solution to the problem including links to all files required. Short and sweet! :D

Where had I been going wrong? The file with the colon in it's name. Of course it doesn't show up and is not extracted from the archive as a default. Easy to miss.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU, I looked for a 'make a donation' butoon and would gladly have bought the team a drink! :drinkers:

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Re: 8gb SDHC Card on Treo650 - NOW POSSIBLE!!!

Post by palmtardy » Fri Apr 23, 2010 10:46 am

I would love to get my hands (and handheld) on these hacked sdhc drivers, but, unfortunately, the above link is broken. Any chance someone can help me out?


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Re: 8gb SDHC Card on Treo650 - NOW POSSIBLE!!!

Post by Shadowmite » Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:41 pm

I never had those files, but if you find them let me know and I'll toss them up so I have them if someone else asks. I'll add a note here if I get them.

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